Hurricane Matthew Is Born in Caribbean; Uncertainty Reigns in Long-Term Outlook

The 13th named storm of the 2016 Atlantic season became Hurricane Matthew at 2:00 pm EDT Thursday. After detecting a small area of hurricane-force winds earlier in the day, an Air Force Hurricane Hunter flight found more consistent evidence of surface winds up to the 75-mph hurricane threshold, thus prompting the upgrade. This is the first Matthew to reach hurricane strength since the name was introduced in 2004, and it’s also the fifth hurricane of the 2016 Atlan...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

Hurricane Hunters Find Hurricane-Force Winds in Matthew; Wind Shear Attacking Storm

Tropical Storm Watches are posted for the ABC islands of the Netherlands Antilles—Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao—as Tropical Storm Matthew advances westwards at 16 mph across the eastern Caribbean. An Air Force hurricane hunter aircraft was in Matthew on Thursday morning, and at 9 am EDT found hurricane-force winds of 75 mph in a small region to the northeast of the storm’s center. Surface winds were a bit lower in data from the airborne stepped frequency microwa...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

97L Approaches Tropical Storm Strength

Air Force Hurricane Hunters were unable to find a closed circulation in the midst of Invest 97L, but the system is still on the verge of becoming a tropical storm. Flight-level winds at 2034Z (4:34 pm EDT) were sustained at up to 36 knots (41 mph) on the northwest side of 97L. This translates to ground-level sustained winds of around 32 knots (37 mph), or just below the 39-mph threshold for tropical storm formation. However, a tropical wave cannot be classified by N...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

Tropical Storm Matthew Forms in the Lesser Antilles Islands

Tropical Storm Warnings are flying in the Lesser Antilles Islands thanks to newly-formed Tropical Storm Matthew. An Air Force hurricane hunter aircraft found on Wednesday morning that Invest 97L had finally developed a closed circulation, and had surface winds near 60 mph in a powerful cluster of thunderstorms that was located about 50 miles east of Martinique at 9:22 am EDT. These strong winds will move over the islands of Martinique and Dominica early this afterno...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

Matthew Rolls Through Lesser Antilles; Huge Rains for D.C. This Week

Not even classified as a tropical depression early Wednesday morning, Tropical Storm Matthew rolled through the Lesser Antilles as a mid-strength tropical storm on Wednesday afternoon. As of 5 pm EDT, the National Hurricane Center placed Matthew about 65 miles west of St. Lucia, moving west at 18 mph with top sustained winds of 60 mph. Some observers may have done double takes when they saw Matthew debut as a 60-mph tropical storm in its very first advisory (11 am E...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

97L Close to Tropical Depression Status; Category 4 Megi Hammers Taiwian

A tropical wave located about 400 miles east-southeast of Barbados in the Lesser Antilles Islands late on Tuesday morning (Invest 97L) was headed west to west-northwest at 15 - 20 mph, and appears likely to develop into a tropical depression or tropical storm later on Tuesday. Satellite loops late Tuesday morning showed 97L did not yet have a well-defined surface circulation, though it appeared close to establishing one. The amount of heavy thunderstorm activity wa...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

Thousands Urged to Evacuate Iowa Floods; Megi’s Threat to Taiwan Escalates

Water from the Cedar River will overspread a large swath of Cedar Rapids, Iowa’s second-largest city, on Tuesday. Fed by massive rains over northeast Iowa during the past week, the flood crest of 23 feet projected on Monday afternoon for Tuesday afternoon would be the second-worst in city history--topped only by the 31 feet during the catastrophic flood of June 2008, and 3 feet higher than all other crests. Officials have strongly encouraged residents of about 500...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

97L Growing More Organized as it Approaches the Lesser Antilles Islands

A tropical wave located about 1000 miles east-southeast of Barbados in the Lesser Antilles Islands late Monday morning (Invest 97L) was headed west at 15 - 20 mph, and has the potential to become a dangerous storm in the Caribbean later this week. Satellite loops on Monday morning showed 97L was growing considerably more organized, with more curvature to the cloud pattern, an increasing amount of heavy thunderstorm activity, low-level spiral bands that were getting...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

97L Potentially a Dangerous Storm for the Caribbean

A tropical wave located midway between the Lesser Antilles Islands and the coast of Africa on Sunday afternoon was headed west at 15 - 20 mph, and has the potential to become a dangerous storm in the Caribbean later this week. NHC designated this system Invest 97L on Sunday morning. After looking remarkably unimpressive on satellite loops for the previous few days, 97L was turning that situation around on Sunday. The system had a large circulation at middle levels ...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

Potential Trouble in Tropical Atlantic; Karl Brushes Bermuda; Megi Eyes Taiwan

A tropical wave located a few hundred miles south-southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands on Saturday morning was poorly organized, with only a limited amount of heavy thunderstorm activity and spin. This wave was under low to moderate wind shear of 5 - 15 knots and was over warm ocean waters near 29°C (84°F), but was too close to the equator (near 9°N) to be able to leverage the Earth’s spin and acquire enough spin of its own to develop into a tropical depression...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>