An Exceptionally Slow-Starting Typhoon Season; 95L Fizzles

Residents of the Northwest Pacific have enjoyed an unusually late start to the typhoon season this year, despite the fact that ocean temperatures have been running about 1°C (1.8°F) above average. Though there has already been one tropical depression, the basin has yet to see a named storm. Typically, 90% of all Northwest Pacific seasons see their first named storm by May 1 (thanks to Mike Fiorino for this stat.) Four named storms, two typhoons, and one intense ty...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

At Least 78 Deaths in China Tornado; Midwest Dodges Major Damage

A tornado struck the outskirts of the east-central Chinese city of Yancheng during a powerful thunderstorm on Thursday afternoon, killing at least 78 people and causing widespread destruction. Yancheng is an urban area of more than 8 million people with a city-center population of about 1.6 million, located in the coastal plain of China’s Jiangsu Province about 200 miles north of Shanghai. Chinese state media are reporting nearly 500 injuries, with 200 critical. T...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

Tornado and Derecho Threat from Midwest to Appalachians

A near-classic early-summer sequence of potentially tornadic storms followed by destructive straight-line winds is in the cards for the Midwest on Wednesday afternoon and evening, with the wind-packing storms possibly approaching the mid-Atlantic states on Thursday morning. In its Day 1 outlook updated at 12:30 PM EDT Wednesday, NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center is calling for a moderate risk of severe weather (the second highest of SPC’s five risk categories) from...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

Significant Severe Threat for Midwest on Wed; Danielle is Done; SW Still Cooking

Fierce thunderstorms capable of spawning significant tornadoes and very high winds are possible Wednesday afternoon and evening across an east-west corridor that will lie near or across the Chicago area. NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center is predicting a moderate risk of severe weather for Wednesday PM extending from southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois to southeast Michigan and northwest Ohio (see Figure 1). “Moderate” is actually the second-highest categor...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

Danielle the Atlantic's Earliest 4th Storm on Record; 115°-120° Heat in SW U.S.

Tropical Storm Danielle formed on Monday morning in the Gulf of Mexico's Bay of Campeche, but won't be around long. The storm's west to west-northwest motion will carry the storm inland over Mexico between Veracruz and Tampico by Monday evening. With top winds of just 45 mph as estimated by the National Hurricane Center in their 11 am EDT Monday advisory, heavy rain is expected to be the primary threat from the storm. Satellite loops show a large area of intense thu...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

Gulf of Mexico's 94L Close to Tropical Depression Status

A tropical disturbance over the southern Gulf of Mexico (Invest 94L) has grown more organized since Saturday, and appears likely to develop into a tropical depression on Sunday or Monday as the storm heads west-northwest at 10 mph. Satellite loops late Sunday morning showed the disturbance had acquired a well-developed surface circulation, but 94L's heavy thunderstorms were not well organized and were relatively sparse, as seen on Mexican radar out of Sabancuy. Deve...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

94L May Develop, Bring Heavy Rains to Mexico's Bay of Campeche Coast

A tropical disturbance over Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula (Invest 94L) has the potential to develop into a tropical depression on Sunday or Monday over the Gulf of Mexico's Bay of Campeche as the storm heads west-northwest at 10 mph. Satellite loops late Saturday morning showed the disturbance had developed a moderate degree of spin, with a few low-level spiral bands already apparent over the Bay of Campeche; Mexican radar out of Sabancuy showed a few heavy rain shower...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

WU Storm App: Now on Android

Android users who’ve been hungering for access to WU’s Storm app, which debuted in 2015 on iOS devices, have cause to celebrate: Storm is now available for you! Android users can download Storm within the Google Play Store. For iOS users, it’s available within iTunes or the App Store.

Storm builds on the usefulness and clean design of the main WU app, and the data and forecasting strengths of WU and The Weather Company, to provide an array of featur...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

NOAA and NASA: Earth’s Warmest May on Record

The warming influence of the intense 2015 - 2016 El Niño event is waning, but May 2016 was still the planet's warmest May since record keeping began in 1880, said NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) on Thursday. In the NOAA database, May 2016 came in 0.87°C (1.57°F) warmer than the 20th-century average for May, beating the previous record for May, set in 2015, by 0.02°C. This is the smallest margin the monthly global temperature has brok...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>

U.S. Heat Builds: Parts of Southwest May Approach All-Time June Highs

Earth’s warmest year on record so far will make its presence felt in North America during the latter half of June. A massive dome of high pressure at upper levels will take shape across the United States this weekend and persist through next week. Subsidence beneath the high pressure will warm the atmosphere and help temperatures to soar well above average over large parts of the nation. The most immediate concern is across the Southern Plains and Mississippi Vall...<br /><a href="">Read More</a>